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Rick Gause is a lifetime angler and outdoors-man.  Rick also has an extensive background in product design, mold-making and tool-making.  His background, experience and love for fishing lead him to develop and design the Bait Buoy. Thus began Hookum Good Co. in 2010.  As an angler, Rick knew there must be a better way to go about keeping essentials at hand, regardless of whether he was fishing from his boat or if he wanted to beach his boat and fish from the bank.  Rick wanted to have his stuff handy instead of digging about his boat or gear bag.  Hookum Good Co. design of the Bait Buoy is truly revolutionary for angler storage, and organization.

The Hookum Good Co. now manufactures the ultimate boat mounted fishing tackle organizer, the Bait Buoy.  Rick is about being innovative and he never stops designing.  This of course lead to the bait buoy using detachable leader rolls, which is some of the greatest fishing gear for about every angler.

Rick is working hard to get his products into sporting good retailers nationwide.  If you are interested in carrying the Bait Buoy, Leader Rolls or any of Hookum Good Co. products in your store, contact Rick today.

100% Made in the USA.

“Hookum Good company was conceived in the winter of 2008. While side drifting steelhead in the upper Columbia I realized I was not being a very productive angler. I was tying my leaders on the river and continually looking for my misplaced pliers or trying to locate my bottles of scent.  Fumbling around the bottom of my tackle box in Rough water made for many not so enjoyable fishing trips.

Then the thought hit me, “What if I had a device that can hold all my most-used tackle on the side of my boat and dispense my leaders, scents and hold a pair of pliers that might actually keep me more organized?” 

By the time I arrived home I had a pretty close vision of what I wanted to create. Being a mold maker Machinist by trade I may have had an unfair advantage in the construction of my new organizer. I built the first model out of 6061 Billet aluminum. It was pretty basic in design, with a rectangular shape that had 2 round holes and one oval hole to accommodate my different shaped containers of scents.  I made sure it had an axle to spool my polystyrene leader roles and 1 pliers holder. I mounted it to the front rail of my boat. I pre-tied my leaders the night before my next outing.

I quickly realized how much more time my line was in the water and consequently how many more hookups I had. Not to mention, I was not getting motion sickness because I wasn’t digging for hooks, corkies and leaders from the bottom of my tackle box.

Functionally, I was pleased with my new tackle organizer but thought it could use a little streamlining. The next model I built looked very close to the Bait Buoy organizer as it is sold today. I combined the oval with the round scent holder holes.  I added an additional pliers slot. I was content with my design and enjoyed the efficiency it provided on the water doing what I really wanted to do, fish. 

It did not take long before my friends became envious of my new toy and asked if I would build them one.  Knowing it wouldn’t be cost effective to build aluminum models and based on the positive reaction I had, I decided to take a chance and build an injection mold for my design.”

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