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“Super product! Very well made and build to last. Best of all is the customer service is beyond just good. Michelle took the extra steps to help me out when I bought the wrong rod holder adapters. I’m sold on “Hookum Good”.

Fish on and Thanks again
Keith Rehwalt
West Richland WA

“Great product guys as soon as I get the time I am going to send you a pic.”
Adam Kirschenmann

“Great organizer when you target as many fish species as I do. Trout, silvers, bass, walleye all have there separate spools and changing them is a snap. Great idea for any serious fisherman.”
Jim Mahoney

“This is a great product by the way. The leader holders work awesome and are worth every penny.  Thank you.”
Rich Spofford

“Your products arrived at my home sooner than expected and proved to be everything I have been looking for.”
Daniel Arbuckle

“Thank you for such a great product.  I have used both but have never purchase the bait buoy. Thanks again for an absolutely great product. It truly is fantastic.”
Scott Blankenship

“Got the two 8” leader rolls, love em, I have already put my Walleye rigs on them and thrown away my old home made rolls. Thanks for the speedy service.”
Gene Paoli

“I recently purchased your product (leader organizer) at the Puyallup Sportsman show and after getting it home and removing it from its shipping cardboard. I truly found out what a quality product it is.  It holds the leaders as promised and is built to last.  Thank you!  I will be ordering some for the front guy as well as for my leaders that I use mooching in the ocean.
Paul Johns

“By the way, I love your product. We just installed a 3rd bait buoy in our drift boat and its awesome. Now every seat has its own setup. Makes fishing so much easier. Its an awesome product. I had several of my guide buddies asking about them last year.”
Evan Maros