Hookum Good products can be found at sporting good retailers throughout the country. 

See if there is a store near you.  If there is not a sporting good retailer near you who carries our products, you can order right here from our website.

Hookum Good Co. is committed to developing and producing innovative products for anglers all over the country.  Our products are Made in the USA, right hear in Washington State.

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  • Rigid marine grade weather proof design
  • UV resistant
  • Interchangeable leader rolls
  • Adjustable mount system for your boat
  • 3 slots will hold egg jars or scent bottles – both round and oval
  • Slots for pliers, scissors, etc.
  • Mounts quickly and easily to any 7/8″ thru 1 1/16th boat rail or side wall
  • Includes 2 1/2″ (red ABS end caps) Leader Rolls – holds 15 leaders
  • Can be mounted using the optional rod holder adapter learn more…

The Bait Buoy is the answer you have been looking for in regards to organization and efficiency.  The Bait Buoy can be mounted in literally any boat. Drift boats, aluminum fishing boats, fiberglass.  You can use rod holder adapters to mount to rod holders such as Scotty, Folbe or Fish-On.

The Hookum Good Bait Buoy gives you all the important necessities at hand. Have your leader’s, scents-bait, pliers, cutters, towel and fish club close at hand. Our weather-proof construction makes this unit darn near bullet proof.

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Bait Buoy

 TackleOrganizer-7151 v1

Scotty – Fish-on & Folbe Styles

The pole holder adapter is the solution for mounting the Bait Buoy on your existing rod holder from popular manufacturers, such as Scotty, Folbe or Fish-On.

  • Rigid marine grade weather proof ABS Plastic
  • UV resistant
  • Mounts quickly and easily
  • Allows you to put your Bait Buoy anywhere you have a rod holder socket

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How Many Units

Pole Holder Adapter

Pole Holder Adapter

Folbe / Fish-On Style

Folbe / Fish-On Style

Scotty Style

Scotty Style

Bait Buoy Cup Holder

The cup holder is the perfect addition to your Bait Buoy.  The Cup holder has a slot for coffee cups with a handle.  It also accommodates cans and bottles!  When you use the cup holder with the Bait Buoy, your drink will not spill.

  • Black ABS Plastic
  • Mounts in one of your pliers slots
  • Hookum Good Koozie included
  • Either can or coffee mug fits

Plus Shipping and Handling

Cup Holder